To be or not to be?

Balancing between reality and dreams is tough. Especially if you have one that is so farther away from your present that it seems unlikely that it is going to be anything but. The good thing is it isn’t always about winning a Booker or selling paintings or becoming a musical sensation. Sometimes they are just about doing things you love.

So I have been overwhelmed with school work for the past week. There are always tons of books to be read, topics to be written and don’t forget late late lectures to attend. Seriously how can one keep up? But really I haven’t done much studying if I am being truthful. What with my recent obsession with music all I have done is have had a ton of seriously confusing and irritating debates in my mind. They are mostly variations of should I, shouldn’t I’s. I have been trying to convince myself that I have to study hard or else I wont be able to get into the University of my choice for my masters ( Yes I am old enough ).

I am trying to calm down. Seriously, things have a tendency of popping up at the worst possible time.

There is also a new professor ( not lecturer or assistant professor) in the university who is educated at Cambridge, teaches history, looks like a hippie and plays guitar. Also seems relatively young.  Interesting combination, don’t you think? I mention him because he made me think that we can have whatever we want, just maybe not in the same way we expected.

Being conflicted is no fun and so I have come to the conclusion that basically life is a  b****.

P.S. I checked out the Berklee online music course a while back and got an email a couple of days ago. It costs!!! Aren’t natural actors told to avoid drama school ? I think I am going to go by that principle.

P.P.S. One Direction starts their ten months long tour this week. I wonder how it feels to be on the road for so long?

A little depressed,



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