My very own Youtube Fiasco

The first time I decide to post a video on Youtube it kinda tanks. At least I think that’s what it is when the first thing you get is a dislike ( I took it down btw ). You see although singing is a passion it is a recent development and thus I haven’t had any substantial vocal training.

Back in school I did attend a few classes but then I quit because I had prepare for college and it was too much pressure. I regret it quite a lot now.

My teacher however did say that I have a sweet voice. Yeah she used the word ” sweet ” but I am not banking on that. Now my sister tells me that I am horrible and my grandmother says I am good enough. Maybe a little nasal at times. She used to be a singer herself (classical and had to give up after marriage) so I could have taken her advice seriously but she is my grandmother! They are always nice to you.

I am so not sure whom to believe.


Love and life,



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