To be or not to be?

Balancing between reality and dreams is tough. Especially if you have one that is so farther away from your present that it seems unlikely that it is going to be anything but. The good thing is it isn’t always about winning a Booker or selling paintings or becoming a musical sensation. Sometimes they are just about doing things you love. Continue reading


My very own Youtube Fiasco

The first time I decide to post a video on Youtube it kinda tanks. At least I think that’s what it is when the first thing you get is a dislike ( I took it down btw ). You see although singing is a passion it is a recent development and thus I haven’t had any substantial vocal training.

Back in school I did attend a few classes but then I quit because I had prepare for college and it was too much pressure. I regret it quite a lot now.

My teacher however did say that I have a sweet voice. Yeah she used the word ” sweet ” but I am not banking on that. Now my sister tells me that I am horrible and my grandmother says I am good enough. Maybe a little nasal at times. She used to be a singer herself (classical and had to give up after marriage) so I could have taken her advice seriously but she is my grandmother! They are always nice to you.

I am so not sure whom to believe.


Love and life,


Trying to find my voice…if it’s possible

So I love music. I listen to more or less anything that strikes my fancy and frankly it is possibly the easiest thing for me to talk about except for movies that is, I am big about that too. ANYWAY the thing is that since I simply cannot seem to get over my obsession with music and singing I have decided to blog about it. So in the name of everything misty eyed, lets get started.

With Love


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